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Celebrity Ink – Eliza Dushku

13th April

“I love catching a glimpse of my tattoos when I strip down and take a shower. Kat Von D did a beautiful symbolic feather on my ribs.”

The Albanian double headed eagle below nape of neck, done on a visit to Kosovo.

“Grace” on the back of her neck in memory of her grandmother.

“Lead, Kindly Light” on left hip from the Mormon hymn of the same name, originally from the poem “the Pillar of Cloud” by John Henry Newman.

Tiny cross on left outer ankle/heel.

Leo symbol on inner left wrist.

In reply to a tweet asking about her feather tattoo “My beloved cousin Amy planted a feather in the garden ‘to grow a bird’ when she was very little. Feathers=love 2 me”

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Celebrity Ink – Eliza Dushku

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Memorial Tattoos

23rd January

This post is dedicated to someone I love who has lost someone that he loves.

The first tattoo that I commissioned was a memorial piece. It is a sanskrit quote from the Bhagavad Gita that talks about the cyclic nature of the soul “the soul is not born, nor does it die. Having not been born it will not be again, the soul is ancient, unborn, eternal, it is not slain with the slaying of the body” to be exact. Before you ask, i’m not going into the story behind being tattooed in a language i don’t speak but I will explain that for me it was the idea that i could offer a place on my skin for a person who had help shape me, loved and inspired me since a young age. While I have photos and …

Celebrity Ink – Pink

21st November

Left ankle – Japanese symbols for Mother, happiness, strength, good luck
Guardian angel on left upper shoulder blade
Dog tags around right ankle for her brother and father
“What goes around comes around” around right wrist
“Mr. Pink” on upper left inner thigh
Japanese symbol for love with red love heart on lower left abdomen
Barcode and “1 9879-911200-1 3″ on the back of her neck (lucky number 13, her date of birth and the release of her first album, Missundaztood)
“Tru Luv” in a banner on right wrist (matching tattoo with husband Carey Hart)
Red heart on right big toe
Dragon on left thigh
Razor blade on inner left wrist
“insecurity” on inner left wrist
Broken heart saying “best friends” inside left elbow, best friend has the other half
Frog on left foot
Bows on back of upper thighs
Tribal inspired music note behind left ear
“HELP” button on right elbow, matching best friend Butch …

Military Tattoos

9th June

Tattooing in the military can be traced back to ancient times where shamans, priests or medicine men would tattoo talismans, shields and images for protection on their warriors.

Many tribes and various peoples through history would paint themselves in preparation for battle in addition to wearing permanent tattoos for protection, as a marker of their achievements in battle, to identify them in death, to ensure the correct burial in accordance with their religion or to aid them in their journey to the afterlife.

Modern tattooing is attributed to a voyage by Captain James Cook to the South Pacific where a number of the crew came home with tattoos acquired in the islands. This started a tradition of tattooing in the naval forces and the first emergence of tattooing in a military arm.

With tattoos becoming popular almost commonplace in the British Navy, it …

A Drop Of Sarah

3rd June

Name: Sarah Heywood

Age: 27

Number of tattoos: 1

Age when I got my first tattoo: 26

More tattoos planned?: Not at the moment. I got my tattoo as a memorial piece, I feel as if I got another tattoo on a whim, it would cheapen the one I have.

Tattoo style: I love really traditional American tattoos. Bold primary colours, strong black outlines. Pin-up girls, roses and banners.

Any other mods?: The standard piercings, 3 earrings in each ear and one in my navel.

My tattoo story:

So it goes.

Up until the age of 4 my life was very picket fences. My Mum and Dad, although they weren’t married, lived at home together. My older brother and sister were from my mothers previous marriage, but they were always my kin, never less. December 15th 1987. My mother and I (I was 3 at the time) were doing …

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