Celebrity Ink – Colin Farrell

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Celebrity Ink – Colin Farrell
“Did you ever get a sore in one of your gums above your teeth, where it’s sore but you can’t stop rubbing it? It’s the same kind of thing getting a tattoo. It’s sore, but it’s kind of nice.”

Tahitian tribal design covering much of upper right arm.
“Carpe Diem…with my girl” on inner left forearm, after his divorce “…with my girl” was covered up with a Celtic cross.
“Millie” (name of his first wife) on left ring finger.
Lotus flower with “I LOVE NO MATTER” on upper left chest.

The large tattoo covering the larger part of his upper right arm is “just a tribal design from Tahiti” that he got while holidaying there. Talking about the tattoo of his ex wife’s name in an interview with Joel Schumaker, Farrell said, “I’d sooner skip laser treatment and all that and just keep it. It’s part of me past. But, you know, if I fall in love and it’s a problem for someone, or I ever do get married again–God forbid–I’ll have a look at getting rid of it.”

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  1. That is a very cool tribal design. I’d like to find that. Very cool blog. I have a lot of ideas for tattoos I’d like to get. I will have to go ahead and do it sometime.

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